We hope you find the answer to your question about theBabaSling® or using this baby sling below.

What age is theBabaSling® suitable for?

The recommended weight for the following positions is 3.5kg to 9kg (from birth to about nine months)...

Side Saddle is suitable for the duration of a child's development for as long as both wearer and child are comfortable. Many people report they have used theBabaSling with children up to three years of age.

We would recommend that you always keep to the T.I.C.K.S. guidelines which can be found here.

theBabaSling has been tested to meet the European Safety Standard BS EN 13209/2.

Can I breastfeed with theBabasling®?

Absolutely! Breastfeeding in theBabaSling® is simple and discreet. Refer to the instructions for more information.

Will theBabaSling® fit my partner?

theBabaSling® is fully adjustable to fit most people, large or petite.  

Can I use theBabaSling® with back problems?

Yes. However, depending on the seriousness of the problem, you may wish to consult with your doctor.

The beauty of theBabaSling® is that you can easily alternate between several positions. Changing positions is essential while carrying baby, as it will redistribute the weight of your child to different areas of your body. This will avoid unnecessary stress on any one point for extended periods. We suggest that you alternate shoulders regularly, especially if you are prone to back problems.

As your baby grows and is going through "needy" periods of constantly wanting to be held, theBabaSling® can actually help save your back. Using the Side Saddle position will remove the necessity to have your hip awkwardly jutting out and allows you to stand straight (not to mention be hands free!).

theBabaSling® has unique adjustable straps, which allows you to bring your baby's weight into your centre of gravity. Again, this will minimise stress to your back. The trick is to have the upper strap pulled nice and tight. A good way to tell that the upper strap is too loose is if you feel it necessary to constantly support baby with your hands – if so, you need to tighten the upper strap a little.

What material is theBabaSling® made from?

The hammock is 100% cotton – durable, breathable, strong and yet not too thick. For your comfort theBabaSling® is designed with foam shoulder padding. The railings also have ample foam padding for baby's comfort and protection. There is a large buckle and a smaller safety buckle (with nylon webbing). These are made from tough and durable acetyl.

How do I wash theBabaSling®?

theBabaSling® is machine washable. We recommend a maximum temperature of 40°C.

Do not tumble dry as it may damage the buckles.

Does theBabaSling® put any pressure on my baby's spine?

Spinal care is vital in early months and years to ensure the correct development of your baby's skeletal structure. Many healthcare practitioners, such as osteopaths and chiropractors, consider the hammock style of theBabaSling® to be ideal for healthy spinal development in infancy.>Unlike upright carriers, theBabaSling® puts no unnatural pressure on a baby’s soft and undeveloped hips and spine. It is specifically designed to support baby’s entire weight comfortably and evenly.

When baby is in an upright position in theBabaSling®, notice that their weight is not held between the legs, but rather, it is supported by the hammock of theBabaSling®, encircling the entire bottom, right up to their knees.