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We are a conscientious company dedicated to the design of indispensable products for the modern family. We believe in the many benefits of babywearing and, since 2005, we’ve been producing one of the UK’s favourite baby slings. We now sell our products in over 30 countries internationally and continue to grow each year.  We’re passionate about what we do, about the quality of our products and the joy they can bring. And, as a company, we try to embrace life with every endeavor. As shines through in the awards that we have been fortunate enough to win.

All our products are produced by our sister company Baba Things India based in Puducherry, South India. The tailors, managers and assistants are highly skilled and produce an exceptionally fine quality of work in a sustainable, co-operative environment.

Creating a healthy environment is our greatest aim, both for our children and for the people who help provide our products.

Inspired by our success at reconnecting families with the natural and obvious benefits of babywearing, BabaSlings Ltd decided to rebrand and expand our product offering.

Please visit www.wemademe.com where we welcome you to our lovely brand: We Made Me, and introduce our gorgeous Wuti Wrap® Stretchy baby wrap, our Soohu Sling 5-in-1 baby sling – an exciting re-invention of our original award-winning sling, and our beautiful Pao Carrier® 3-in-1 front & back baby carrier.

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